About Naum

Naum Katsenelson’s watercolors capture the sights and colors (and I’d swear smells and textures) of his homeland, Russia… Sometimes his landscapes melt almost into abstraction. The landscape may become somewhat mystical, the color more subdued, the brushwork more restrained… Famous in his own country, Katsenelson has been collected in important international museums. An immigrant to the U.S., he is still finding his audience here. It is a treat to find him in Denver.

– Rocky Mountain News 


Naum Katsenelson matured as an artist in Russia. He became passionate about art at the age of ten. Naum visited the art classes of many famous teachers and masters of Soviet art, such as Alexander Mikhailov, Vasiliy Voronin, and Valentin Alekseev. From 1948 through 1952, in his teenage years, Naum’s artwork was exhibited in Moscow, All-Soviet Union, and international youth art exhibits.

After graduating high school, Naum departed for Murmansk, a city in far Northwest Russia, where he graduated from the Naval Academy with a major in electrical engineering. He then went on to earn a PhD degree. Naum was a professor at the Academy until 1991, when together with his family (wife and four sons) he moved to the USA.

Through all the years that Naum lived in Russia, he constantly painted and participated in numerous exhibitions. His work was exhibited all over the former Soviet Union and in Finland and Japan.

Even though Naum Katsenelson has successfully participated in numerous invitational and juried exhibitions, he still continues his art education.  Naum takes private lessons from famous artists such as Doug Dowson, Kim English, and Arne Westerman.  Naum is also a signature member of Colorado Watercolor Society, Kansas Watercolor Society, and Colorado Artist Guild. His pictures are held in several museums and in public and private collections in many countries, including Japan, Finland, USA, Ukraine, Estonia, Israel, and Russia.